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1. Vernon Johns Society  -- now presented from a more historical viewpoint

2. Race Relations: The Failure of Sociology

Sociology is inadequate in that it is a politically liberal approach that
does not recognize that it works within a racist system and, therefore, is
inadequate by itself to change that racist system. The discipline continues
to refuse to consider racism as a much more serious structural problem.

3. The Only Non-racist History of the United States

This is the only work that adequately explains the political and social
system of the United States and its political cycles. It does so by seeing
racism as structural problem within the United States.

4. Return of the Renaissance Person: The Unity of Knowledge

With the advances in connecting the natural and social sciences through
advances in the study of the similarity of brain structure and societies
between animals and humans has made it clear that all the disciplines taught
within the universities are closely interrelated. This insight, however, is
still not politically acceptable to the social sciences that have been now
been shown to rely on some very questionable assumptions.

5. Fighting American Moralism: Biological Insights into Deviancy

American society is too puritanical and this is reflected in the moralistic
approach that still pervades the social sciences. This website uses the
insights from biology and sociobiology to overthrow the assumptions of
American moralism in the traditional area of social problems.

6. Biography of Vernon Johns: Father of the Civil Rights Movement

This is the only full-scale biography of the father of the civil rights
movement, the Reverend Vernon Johns, a man censored and banned in his time --
a man still too nonracist and truthful for our current politically correct

7. Eye Witness to Civil Rights History: The Essays and Autobiography of Henry
W. Powell

Autobiography and civil rights essays of a man who intimately knew the father
of the civil rights movement, the Rev. Vernon Johns; one of the originators
of the 1954 Supreme Court decision "Brown vs. Board of Education," Barbara
Johns Powell, and was a teacher when Prince Edward County, Virginia, became
the only county in the country to close its public schools rather than

Key words: civil rights, black history, Rev. Vernon Johns, southern history,
American history

8. Brazilian-Americans in the New York Metropolitan Area

Historical Travel Websites:

9. Daytrips for Jacksonvillians: Historical Tours (n. Florida and s, Georgia)

This guide presents daytrip destinations within a chronological and
historical order to increase enjoyment of the area within a day's drive out
and back from Jacksonville, Florida.

10. Daytrips in Lower New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, parts of Massachusetts)

This guides presents daytrip destinations within a chronological and
historical order to increase enjoyment of the lower New England area within a
day's drive out and back from New York City.

11.  Trips out West

12. Learn History While Enjoying Yourself: Historical Films in
Chronological Order

A list of movies that deal with history placed in chronological order with a
brief comment on their contents, along with some movie reviews and historical
backgrounds to the events in the movies.

Freedom (Under The Sun) - Pat Kelly   A video song about Vernon Johns and his struggle for civil rights. 





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